Summer is one great season to enjoy lots of outdoor activities if you can ignore the heat and the sweat. And if the heat gets too much for you then you can head straight for the beach. When you are at the beach you should have the proper summer beach dresses. The men should have their bathing or swimming trunks, sleeveless t-shirts, collared half sleeve shirts made of cotton or linen, shorts, and flip flops.

For women the ultimate summer beach dress has to be a bikini or any swimwear. Make sure to opt for those that come in cool colors and floral prints. Some women also prefer to wear tankini that consist of a tank style top and a bikini. If you are not too comfortable about wearing a bikini in public you can also opt for skirted bikinis. And lastly, do not forget to take sun glasses, sun screen lotions and straw hats as they are also essential parts of summer beach dresses.