It is really difficult to come across a woman who is not in awe of exquisite gemstones. These precious little stones are actually pieces of minerals that are cut and polished and then used in jewellery and for other adornments. Here are some gemstones that you would like to know about.

The frontrunner in the category of gems is diamond. Diamonds are girls’ best friend and their hardness, sparkle and brilliance makes them the best. One of the most beautiful and popular gemstones is Emerald. It is a grass green variety of beryl and this used in the most exquisite of jewelries.

The gemstone Opal is known as the stone of hope, truth and love and represents happiness. Opal comes in different hues and is very precious. Pearl symbolizes success, happiness and love and is used in a variety of jewelries. Ruby is the most precious gemstone member of the corundum family.