If possible, consult a makeup artist for doing your makeup or ask a friend who can do this well. Groom the eyebrows about four days before the wedding.

Select colors which work best for your skin tone and hair color and color of your eyes. Essentially, use warm colors in brown shades or cool colors such as blue or green. Apply eyeliner at the contour of the eyes to make them look bigger. When applying the eyeliner, start with the inside of eyelashes and make a sweep across your eyelid. Waterproof mascara should be applied after wards.

Use the eye shadow primer so that the eye shadow adheres better. Apply it before putting on the eye shadow. When you apply the eye shadow, first you should put on the base color by sweeping your shadow brush across your eyelids. Apply a medium shadow for covering the lower lids. Then apply the darkest shadow for highlighting the eyelids.