Changing seasons has us all confused. What to wear and what not to, is our biggest concern. Different fashion designers all over the world suggest a few colors for your wardrobe that will make sure that you stand out as a diva this fall.

1) Yellow- The color of the shedding leaves or the bright yellow of the sweet sunshine. Yellow will make you look fresh and bright.

2) White- White is the color of all seasons. After wearing dark colors for winter, white is a welcome change.
3) Green- bright green, the color of the new born leaves that appear after the departure of winter, is one sporty color to wear this fall.

4) Mauve- One versatile color for every occasion. Not only will you look chirpy and fresh in a day mauve dress, but stunning in an evening mauve gown.

5) Last but not the least, Red. One color which is for all seasons.