Fashion trends, fashion tipsClothes give visual effects to one’s body and nowadays, plus size style cannot be ignored as it had been before. Now larger people could sport style too with proper designs and colors. First, determine the shape of your body from the four plus sizes – hourglass figure, triangular shaped figure, inverted triangular shaped figure and plus size rectangle body shape. Then know where exactly emphasis is required to look shapely.

The commonest mistake people do is to buy loose clothes that tend to hang off the body and make you look even larger and saggy. Buy snugly fitting clothes and accessorize with belts or scarves. Dark colors complement the body whereas lighter shades give a shadow effect that does not improve the appearance. Strictly avoid horizontal stripes and huge prints. Smaller prints and vertical stripes make you look thinner. So gear up with plus size style and get ready to turn heads when you walk out.