For a man, there is not much variety in case of jewelry. So, you have to choose the best item from the limited option available. Apart from their wedding ring, men love to flaunt classy watches.

Watches always fascinate men, especially the expensive classy ones. A time piece with a stainless steel or leather band in black with a white dial can look very stylish and decent. A watch with leather strap looks manly and attractive. It will really make a good style statement if you flaunt a good quality leather double strap timepiece.

Cuff links also can make you look smart and fashionable. A plain necklace can make you look elegant and groovy at the same time. If you want to look bohemian, go for a beaded one. Piercing of your eye brows or tongue is gaining a lot of popularity even. You will luck funky and very defiant with them. But vintage watches are perfect for any attire and occasion, whether it’s formal or official.