Hippies were known for their love for nature and eco friendly lifestyles. Even today many people get inspired by the hippie lifestyle that was prevalent in 60’s and try to imbibe the hippie philosophy of peace, love and happiness. While shopping for a wedding gift for a hippie couple, look for eco-friendly items. Green gifts such as incense sticks. They can simply enjoy the scent or use it for meditation, spiritual rituals etc. One can find incense sticks along with intricately carved burners in varied shapes.

To gift an antique, Record players are the best bet as that was once the most played and treasured item are becoming popular again. Traditionally, organic linens were loved by the hippie couple. These never go out of fashion
Another practical gift is the compost pail that can be used to make their natural fertilizer and use it for their plants. You would be remembered fondly each time they see their plants growing!